30 Day Bible Study Challenge App Reviews

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Total Scam

Don’t be fooled overpriced rip off with lame biblical reference and cheap stolen poetry No in-depth biblical knowledge or reference Absolutely lame

Blessing to A Blessing

It’s helping me Pray and Well gives me a focus of what God did and shows me what I’m meant for once more.

Great start

Gives me a great start to the day God granted me!

Way too expensive

8.99 a month for an app! No way

Don’t be tricked. Seven day trial auto charge

I thought I accepted a 7 trial. When you accept the trial it Automatically will start charging your card. This is deceptive to me. Also it didn’t want seem to go deep at all in the word. Maybe it will later. I love the fitness app style model here. Just don’t get tricked. Also, once you accept I don’t see an easy way to unsubscribe before the trial ends or after. Be innocent as doves. It wise as serpents with your money.

$8.99 per WEEK?

This is entirely too expensive. Anyone willing to pay that for app usage has fallen into a huge money trap. I’ll stick to my free Holy Bible app and reading plans.

Love 30 day bible study

It is awesome 1. It’s delivered to me 2. The scripture is explained and meaning given 3. A Prayer example to lead us into thankfulness A wonderful app for moms who have lots of duties and can do a scripture and prayer right from their phone. ❤️ Merrie

Love my bible love my 30 day plan

pray daily

Sad sad money grubbing company

Says free pro coupons granted and to check the calendar, when you go to the calendar there are no free coupons for pro studies. I Emailed them and they said to send a screenshot which I did. They never responded back. Two more emails and no response. I would expect more from a Christian company but I guess they are only out to make money. Sorry not all of us are fortunate enough to have the luxury to afford to buy the pro program. Edit: now along with not giving the pro coupons you earn through daily logins they took away the subject material you already had and bombard you with a page about going pro for 8.99 a week. What a terrible thing to do to people. I really want to delete this app. If I could give zero stars I would. Edit 2: deleting app now. You all should do the same... Do yourself a favor and read your own bible and donate the 8.99 a month to your church. I cannot believe the immoral practices that this company use...


I love the app but I don’t like the fact that it’s $8.99 a week. A bit much, especially for those on a very limited income. Really, all needed is a bible. Topics can be googled on the internet. Maybe you should rethink the price, wanted to subscribe but not for $8.99 a week☹️

Prophetess Caroline Kennedy

This is a awesome way to STAY connected when you have a hectic and busy life and ministry thank you for creating this may God continue to bless you💯

Nice app

Love the app, but it's takes a while to load and the aid to sign for another app always pops up, before you can study, other than that a great app.

God has blessed me with this app!!!

I love this app because it keep you notified when and how to read your bible and you can do private studies by yourself just you and God!!!😁😆✝️

Joke! Highway Robbery!

Apparently this is an April Fools Day gag... you can see nothing not even how it works without putting in money info for a “free” trial! Ha! Of no use unless you want to spend get this ....... $8.99 a week! Yes A WEEK! Good grief! Don’t waste your time too many other apps that are free or at least not $467.89 a year!

My journey with the lord

I want to say I’m a strong believer in the lord I’ve come a long way because of our father I’ve been lost for sometime but I seeked him and found my way back. I just need to stay focused and to be able to become one with him as I was before the devil tries to distract me but I can’t and won’t let him I’m his child forever and I will dwell in the house of the lord forever

Found a few errors

Day 8 prayer - first sentence has a MAJOR error- it should include the word "NOT".... may I NOT base my faith on the words of the world. Also near end of prayer.... lead to sorry should be lead to "sorrow" Great messages but errors like the first one are DANGEROUS! I expect better and request the highest level of editing for a resource that can change lives!


It would be the best if I didn’t have to go through ads to get my daily devotion. I love this. It’s kinda sad I have to pay to remove ads!!

Thank you

I truly enjoy the simplicity of having this devotional so easily accessible


Very difficult to navigate. I have trouble finding the devotional I selected. Too many other “suggestions” keep popping up. Would like to open the app and there my devotional would be. Also, since I’m rating the app low they make it difficult to submit a review.

Great Devotionals✝️

I love having morning and evening devotionals. I just wish I could afford the subscription. Go with God and keep up the great work you do🙏🏻🙏🏻✝️

Really that expensive

Gods word should never be sold for profit 8.99 a week that’s just wrong. 8.99 a year as a donation to people who want to pay but this should be free to all.

Keeping the faith...Staying th course

Just completed day 3 and I’m truly keeping the faith and staying the course...awesome app.


This bible study app is awesome. It really reached the inner most part of my spirit. I’m in love with the word of God already, this just makes me closer


Downloaded it on my iPhone it doesn’t even work or show anything what. Waste of a download 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

I don’t even know man

I mean i get it your trying to make money off this app but I think it should be free to learn about our God.

Un purchase

I mistakenly downloaded the app and now I want to I purchase this but this app doesn’t give me an option. I want my money back!

Thank You for making it so Plain God



Loving this app.

I love this...

Thank you for the reading of the morning and evening devotion reading...

8.99 a week

This is absolutely ridiculous to charge $8.99 a week for the Word of God. I will stick to my you version bible app that has devotions and other helpful teachings that is free.


Shouldn't cost $ to read scripture that is all


I love this awesome reading, it’s gotten to me and my life and I couldn’t think much of it being more helpful, fruitful and spiritual. When God said he opens doors he means it.


Taking money I did not authorize. No phone number to call, no way to contact. Will not respond to email

Use to be good when free

This Use to be free I downloaded it and was no cost for it to study at all, now almost a year later now it’s ridiculous now have to pay for it God’s word is supposed to be free h never intended his words to be available for money.

I love this app

If you want to get closer to God. I would highly recommend this app.

Love This

This has answers to things I have questioned love it


If I were to do the 1 year trial that I saw is $35 does it mean I have to pay $35 weekly or monthly? Bc I know that the 30 day challenge is $8.99 weekly. Help! I’m confused!?

It's great inspiration

Keeps me focused in the word

30 day bible study

It’s good to get into the Bible. But why use KJV? Hard to understand.

So enjoy this devotional.

This devotional is such a help and joy to me.


I’m enjoying the 30 day Bible study app. The topics are relevant to my Christian walk, informative, inspiring and encouraging. There are many grammatical errors, however. A better editor would be a good idea.

Why Charge ????

As bad as the world needs the Gospel of Christ why profit at 8.99 a week ???? Off of what God gave us for free


I just wanna know how to cancel it

Why Not 5 Stars?

I truly love this app! The use of scripture, the application of that scripture and the prayer are all awesome! My only gripe is the grammatical errors that I find. Please, please proofread before committing things to the app - - it will make a world of difference.

Preying on Christians... Steer clear

$8.99 per week for what? Nothing you can't get for free every place else. The interface is ok but the app is more like a commercial game rather than a bible study app. I wouldn't pay a cent for it. Great design but poor business execution and intention. One word..... Greed. I can't use the app without thinking about the people behind it. Terrible. No doubt his ancestors had a table set up in the temple Jesus ransacked.

A believer

I love God! He has been good to me! I have lots to learn but with Jesus Christ I can be transformed into what God wants me to be in his image. I am nothing without God!


I love it, it's one more piece of Our Lords words and wishes for everyday life. May God bless your ministry. 🙏 🌈

The Digital Bible

I’m really enjoying getting into my word of the lord Jesus Christ through this app it make it easy to read and understand.

Just what I need.

This bible app is exactly what I need to keep me focused on our Lord and His good works. God bless those who invented this!!

Grateful for this resource

Convenient so that if I get off track with my regular study times , I can still nourish my spirit .

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