30 Day Bible Study Challenge App Reviews

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Nice design

Great concept and good design. I as a new comer wish it was a little easier to understand. Most are easy but some are a little bit harder. Also it a little expensive.


Reading Gods words daily is an inspiration that not only helps me but others. To have it at my fingertip OH What A Blessing. I not only read yours but others to help me throughout my day when the world can be overwhelming. God Bless you and all who has brought this about. ❤️❤️❤️

Calming and sensitive

This biblical guidance has helped me with its calming and sensitive prayers.


This study is very powerful and always have great meaning. Great way to start off your day. Love it!

Good free devo, but more of a bate & switch app

This app, while good in theory, is misleading. I have been enjoying the readings, however, it has only given me an option of 15 days versus 30. There are other bible studies to choose from but ALL of them are an upgrade. The upgrade is a joke. 8.99 PER WEEK??? 8.99 per month would be more tolerable, although I still wouldn’t do it bc I can get on my Bible app and pic a FREE devotional that ALSO keeps up with my progress! That’s way too expensive for a subscription to the Bible. I like my regular Bible app MUCH better in that regard! A ton of FREE devotionals on any topic you can imagine! This app is fine, just remember you have a limited amount of “free” time! Unless something changes, I’ll be deleting this app as soon as I’m done with the free devotional. :-/ Edited update: (I understand it takes money to develop & run apps. I’m not opposed to paying a subscription for an app or opposed to people making a profit to run a company, but $8.99/WEEK is NUTS... Thank you for your response & change in costs. Hopefully you will do well. Blessings)

Study bible

It’s a blessing to be able to connect with god with some much going on in the world

Seeking Jesus!

I am so blessed with this type of study. I look forward to getting up early in the morning and sitting with Jesus. I wanted to get into the Bible and really study the scriptures. These short moments allows me to have a purposeful, interacting, encounter with Jesus. It is such a powerful and strengthening time with Him and Holy Spirit.


My son mistakenly signed up for the app and then deleted it thinking this would erase his mistake. Unfortunately they continued to charge him weekly. In 8 weeks it charged him the same price as it would for the entire year long prescription. Shameful.

A Treasure!

A wonderful way to enjoy God and the beauty and depth the Bible offers us!


This is the best Bible app I have... Every book of the Bible is convenient to get to..also I like the audio when needed..🎧🗝📖

My thoughts

I’ve only read it now two days and it has blessed me it has reminded me of so much and it puts a thirst and hunger in me and it’s so easy and it’s great guidance for me to get me to go deeper I wish I could afford to keep it for a year because I really like itSo pray that I get them mine from Jesus’s name amen

How happy I am to be in the arms of my father

I am very happy today and every day since I have acknowledged Christ my savior. I feel as though no harm can come against me. Knowing God is the greatest thing that has happened to me.I just want to learn more about him. I am eternally great- full for taking this very important step. I love you Lord. Amen.

Has potential but need improvements

This app is a good idea but has many flaws. For 1, there’s not much that we can do unless we subscribe. For 2, it’s too pricey. For 3, there’s CONSTANT things asking to prescribe. For 4, the quiz is fun but timed. I don’t read or focus that fast. I can’t even ENJOY it. Then when I failed a question, it’s over. I get BUMMED... I’ve only had the app a couple days but I’m TOO limited with it & I CANNOT afford to subscribe. I most likely will b deleting it VERY SOON. I really was hoping for an app like this & now I’ve found it, there’s too many flaws. I hope adjustments can b made...

A Great Format with Scriptures that are Foundational to all Disciples

Great summary for introduction or review of reading and confessing why Jesus is the only answer that fills the huge need in all of us to be restored back to Our Father who created us and longs for everyone of us to be restored into a relationship with Him. Very well presented, factually and descriptively making each day a impressive experience.


I downloaded this app as I’m on my patio every morning, and I truly want to learn more about our Lord, but this app constantly inundates me with ads! Frankly, I finally got fed up with it this morning and decided to look elsewhere for my daily study materials. I pray everyone on this app, as well as the people that run the app, are blessed and continue their walk with Christ!


I liked the looks of this app, but there was no indications that you had to pay after 7 days of a free trial to continue using. That was disappointing & a bit deceptive.


i love this app so much! it helps me keep my relationship with God! but, i am disappointed that you have to pay to get more categories, such as love and many others. i hope we can change that! all i want to do is learn about God!!!!


I mistakenly subscribed for one year and cancelled. Unfortunately before I cancelled $83.00 was taken from my bank account and multiple attempts made to get a refund have gone with no response at all! What is wrong with people?


Just starting this. I really like it. Helps me to start my day filled with The Holy Spirit!


This is ridiculous that you have to pay to interact with the Bible. Youversion is better. Smh.

Very good!!

There are days that it’s hard to sit and read the Scriptures. This app has slowly started to help me get into reading the Bible more. It’s helping me out with reminders that I should read the Bible and come closer to the Lord. Good tool to have!!!!! Thank you so much!

Not free

This app was $2.99 but didn’t list that there was a fee for this app!

Bible study—-30 days!!!

I keep re-reading the same verse Gal 2:20, n I keep being stuck on day 1: keep being stuck & cannot get anywhere☹️☹️☹️ Even I now count day 4—-what’s happening???

Too much money

It starts out good. I love the devotional each day. But then after that you have to subscribe to get anymore devotions and studies. This offers a lot but you have to pay for everything else except the first devotional study!!!!!

Blessed to know the difference!

Always tryna get on track

Not excited about getting hit for money right off the bat

Yay an app that will remind me to have a devotion! Pretty shameful that Might need one after all these years but never mind. Day one- open the app- asks me to pay like $18 or something. No thanks. I decline and Proceed to the 3 parts of the devotion. They are good! Great reminders. Then the ad for the psychic angel pops up. Um... really? Why would you even sell advertising to someone that totally contradicts what your app is about? God doesn’t speak to or through the psychic angel. Just a poor ad choice. I know it’s probably a subscription from some stupid service or as agency but still. Sign up with someone who sells ads that align with your target audience.

Robbing me blind!

I signed up for this and you have taken over $30 out of my bank account! In 15 days!!!!! I want this stopped IMMEDIATELY

Help me to cancel?

How can I cancel the Bible’s? I can’t afford the charges and I don’t know how to cancel! I think this is a very great I just can’t afford it. How can I cancel?

Watch out !!!

This app could help people obtain goals to learn the Bible. I believe it’s way to expensive, but what is worst off it that they are being dishonest about how to cancel after 7 days free. In the beginning it say you can cancel by going to the settings to cancel. I tried it and there was no such thing. I then had to go read and it instructs you to email them to cancel. This is a warning !!! I don’t think these people are honest. BE CAREFUL!!!


Can not find a way to remove.

App failed after I bought subscription.

I liked the app and decided to purchase the subscription. It worked fine for about six-eight weeks. Now every time I try to study, instead of going to a lesson, it goes to the screen trying to make me buy a subscription. 😟

Too Expensive

The app itself is great, but having to pay $8.99 per WEEK is ridiculous. Uninstalled.

8.99/week robbery

How can you charge $8.99 per week for the full app?!?! The app is only in KJV which is annoying. The features otherwise are decent. I like the trivia aspect except (again) it’s only available in KJV. I would not recommend this app unless it’s updated and changed- especially the price for the premium/full app.


Please cancel. I’m unable to determine how to cancel this . It was purchased for the free trial and must be cancelled .


I love this app but I’m upset having to pay for God’s Word some people can’t afford to pay an truly need a word 😪❤️


It’s a great, fun and easy to use app would like to see more versions of the Bible on it tho I prefer NIV or CSB versions


Except stories inspire me to stay in faith

Shouldn’t charge

No one should have to pay for to read the Bible. I think this app should be feee

I love this app it has changed my life !!!

Love my new life!!!


I can’t figure out how to cancel this subscription. This is not user friendly. Help please

5 star app

This is not just the same scriptures that we are more familiar with ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ . the reminders are great 💫💫💫💫💫 , it starts where I last was (especially when my days are so scattered ) sometimes I don’t get to do my devotions on time Thank You

30 day challenge

Love this app... god is great

Bible app

I have been trying to cancel this app for over a week. I do not want it and I want my $99.00 back! IMMEDIATELY

Thank you for sharing God’s word

Thank you for sharing! It is so nice to see my reminder to read Gods word each day. God Bless, Melody Sasser


I love this app about the Bible it’s convenient and I can read at my own pace so I can process every word or story to help me on the right path.

Love this app

Everyday it helps me to strengthen my knowledge and faith. Thank you


After just 3 days use I must say that I like this app because of the simplicity in each days devotional. I enjoy that each devotional is short and sweet. I also love the reminders because they help to keep my day grounded in the word of God. The areas for improvement include removal of the ads when the app is opened and the occasional spelling and grammatical errors. Otherwise this app has already blessed me and my relationship with God. I will continue to use this app even without the updates needed. Thanks for developing it!!

Great App

I love this App it is Word Of God centered

I love reading the daily bible 💜

I enjoy waking up early everyday just to read another page from the bible & it’s very convenient.

I love it!!

I am loving the daily prayers and scripture, it is helping me to remember to put GOD first in my life!!

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