30 Day Bible Study Challenge App Reviews

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If you have a goal that you want to start and not give up on. Just follow and stay consistent with your daily studies and watch the blessings come. This app notifies and reminds you twice a day on time allowing you to stop everything your doing and give Jesus the time he deserves. When you give the Lord that kind of devotion. The blessings are truly endless. Give him what he deserves and he will give you what you most desire. #SimpleYetPowerful

Help when needed

I love this app and the daily devotional. It is a great way to get the daily words that we all need.

Enjoying My 30 Day Bible

PRAISE THE LORD! ... Who Is the Head of my life ... In Jesus Christ. Amen. Lord Your words are the Enrichment of My Daily Bread and I COME THIRSTY to DRINK YOUR WATER Daily. I Am Grateful In Christ Jesus name. AMEN!

I really enjoy it

I really like this app it’s very helpful with the reminders and devotions on the daily currently on day 3 I love the app 🤨

Dog is God backwards

This bible app is just wonderful

To GOD be the Glory!!!

GOD’s Message for us is so good & very UP lifting. I just want to Live & my entire family a Christlike Life & attitude & be a blessing on everybody on this Earth that we Live in. WE LOVE YOU LORD!!🙏🏽🙏🏽😊


Why is the app different on iPhone vs Android? iPhone has no bible and no profile section. Android has version 2.6. Why is iPhone version not updated


This app has helped me get more into devotions and helps me draw closer to Jesus!

Rating my very first study!

Excited about studying on a daily basis the wonderful word of YAHWEH who gave His only begotten Son YESHUA that sinful me might live! Shalom.

Be careful with this... LDS teachings hidden like it’s the same as Bible teaching

I have been a Christian for 4 years now. I read my Bible each morning and then use a bible study app at night before bed. I had high hopes for this app being my new go-to after reading all the rave reviews. However I was having trouble staying in the Word while reading the version of the Bible in this App. My favorite verses felt just a little off. Thinking it was an issue with my concentration I switched over to read Bible topics and found still some more things that seemed just a bit off (remember I am new-ish to Christianity and don’t have everything memorized as I maybe should) I curiously clicked on to “5 Books of Moses” and read the introduction. It says the LDS church “discovered” these Books of Moses and that all this stuff is readily accepted by all Christianity. It was a shocking thing to read so I started looking in to it and from what I found it looks like these Mormon LDS people changed whole sections of the Bible to meet their purposes. They have entire books they’ve created and act like it’s all universally accepted additions to the Bible. I find this all so upsetting. I just wanted to study THE Bible and instead got some human additions to a book that is divinely inspired and perfect on its own. Please if you are a Christian be careful with this app! I have no idea what all these LDS people changed or not. I just know it feels wrong to alter the Bible and that I am deleting this app now!!! God bless!


I enjoy this. Yes papa

Great app

This Bible app helps me to realize how little time I spent studying God’s words each week. I should learn be more focused , study God’s words which brings me peace

God is always there

I enjoy this app very much. God is Wonderful!!!


This is a great app I highly recommend it to anyone!!!

Too many words

The writer of the devotionals tries way too hard to wax eloquent. It’s not that I’m unintelligent, but the tone of the devotionals is off-putting. I want my daily devotionals to be simple, relevant, and straightforward so that they speak to my heart, rather than trying to be so lofty and wordy.

Welll... ...it's built well however...

Yes as I say it seems to be put together reasonably well however it doesn't feel like they build this thing to serve God gods peeps so much as I get the feeling the apps primary directive is to make money which is fine Just seams lil icky 🙄 🙏

I love this program!

Very helpful!

Bible challenge 💡

30 day Bible challenge is great study book especially for those new learners and for those whom are busy laboring in the Lord for immediate word inspiration as well as prayer and restoration 💝 God bless every heart encouraged to read 💝 about our God our Amazing Jesus Christ amen

My time

Great!!! I love it....

God’s Word

I’ve just started the study but all I know is that when you hVe to opportunity to study and learn the easier it will be to share with others. God’s Word, there’s nothing finer on this earth.

Bible Study

So far so good, being the first day I have no comment other than the word of God is good and so far so good.


To the point and very clearly presented. Enjoyable to learn God’s word this way.


Awesome, a wonderful reminder, motivating app. Love it!

It is right on

Very timely, well written

Bible study

This helps me to read and then understand my Bible..Twice a day who could ask for more


Absolutely amazing. Thank you Lord 💜 and thank you to all who put their hearts and minds to make this tool possible. May the Lord continue to bless you and your loved ones always. In Jesus name I thank you 😊


Everything was fine except for my, “more” setting. My friend and I got the same app, and ours were different. She had a “bible” setting and a “me” setting, when I had a “calendar” and a “more” setting. This really bothered me, because I didn’t know how to sign in or how to locate my bible, please help!


It’s a great app I feel the Holy Spirit and his presence. Thank lord


Reading the Bible gets me through my day especially cause it explains and gives you a prayer after I love it like I love the lord 😻😻😻😻

Quick lessons

Like the quick short topics and content plus a quick prayer to help the message topic stick

30 day bible

It's awesome

Heavenly Reminders!

I love this app. The reminders of when to read. The devotional. The reading plans. I love it! Thank you!

Awesome app!

This app has me studying the Word of God! I never had the time or effort to read. I love this app!

God’s word is truth

Any application that presents the Holy Bible as a means of being able to “stay in the word” while living in the world is a must! I find the Bible studies very helpful in being a focus on the growth of my spiritual life. I hope and pray that others find the same comfort in this application of Go’s Divine Word. The biggest hope that believers have is that someone who is lost and looking for answers might use this application and realize they are part of a lost and dying world and surrender to Jesus Christ for their salvation! I lift up this application to the Lord that it bring honor and glory to His name. In Christ our Risen Savior, Mac McClanahan

I like the daily notifications

I like the daily notifications. It gets me in the Word everyday Ann throughout the day.

Thank you Jesus

I'm so happy we have bible apps like this to increase our faith through Christ Jesus Amen


It's been very helpful and inspirational so far I just started but I'm loving it

Love this app 🙏🏻😇

Beautiful app. Love to be able to read my Bible on my phone. So many different areas to read and study each day. Keep up the good work. God bless ❤️

Wonderful, Helpful, Insightful and uplifting.

This is a truly magnificent app this app makes getting the word of God so easy that there are no excuses for not learning and connecting with God. It’s easy to read and understand, there are Daily suggestions on what to ready/study this bible app has everything that one could want and need.


i love this app! it has amazing messages and i have learned so so so much and it has helped me grow closer to God!!!!!

My problems with the app

I like the studies and I loved the morning and evening studies but they stopped about 5 days ago. Not really happy about that. Not sure why it’s the only thing that won’t give me new reading :-(

Awesome app

I use it all the time


When I first started this app was great. Tried other areas to study only to find out you have to pay a monthly fee to study God's word!


This app is a great way to study different parts of your faith and continue growing. You can set daily reminds too!

Encouraging and enlightening

This study helps strengthen my faith and assurance in my salvation in the Lord.


This bible teaching is the best I read the Bible sometimes and don't understand but through the devotions daily I learn daily something new.

Thank you

Much needed for me




This is helping me reconnect.

Great App

Great App

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