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Nah I’m Gonna continue listening to 940Am & klove

For 83.99 I can buy a bible rewrite it and memorize it I’m a single parent just was trying out the app but for 20$ I can do my own bible study thanks but no thanks people need to be able to get the word for free.

Loving this!

Simple, Biblically sound, easy to read and apply. Thank you...both Creator and creators of this app!

Hallelujah Jesus

I love this app it helps me keep up my studying in God’s word

Knowing Our Heavenly Family

These are wonderful tools to help anyone better understand the Love of Our Heavenly Father, the Guidance of Our Holy Spirit, the never ending pity of Our Heavenly Mother Mary and the Endless Love & Mercy of Our Savior Jesus. In Jesus’ name Amen!

Not getting my monies worth

God’s word is always good, but the inspirations are not clear and complete in there teachings. Plus some of the sentences are incomplete! I find it sloppy! And I would like to cancel my subscription!!! I would rather study on my own!

I have to pay!!!

This is a awful app, why would they make you pay for bible studies. Jehovah Witnesses have free bible studies and they come to your home... I rather request one from them...

Misunderstoood expense

While studying the Bible is a priceless privilege in this day, I did not realize that after accepting the free intro that I was automatically signed up for a weekly debit that I had a difficult time opting out of by cancelling the subscription. Many weeks I was charged more than once and I couldn’t keep track of what I was being charged for. I’ll stick with my complimentary ministry readings and well loved books. I’m sorry that it has to end this way but I feel that I was severely overcharged; that I should get a complete refund; and that the material is not anything extraordinary that can’t be accessed by countless resources at no cost.

Great App

I really like this App.


This was a good app in the beginning. I used to enjoy you very very much. It was a little misleading I have Venmo but it’s always good to listen to somebody else’s point of view. Now I see that they want to charge you for listening to morning and evening devotional. That’s not right!! It is very wrong especially when you are beginning your faith. Because when you’re beginning your faith, if you find that somebody is charging you just to listen to what they have to say you get thrown back to the beginning and if you believe in the Bible and what God has written in it then you know that is the teachers fault not the students fault.


I’ve trying to cancel my subscription but can’t. It’s to expensive. I’m being charge my credit card and I can’t stop it.


Words can’t describe how much I am enjoying the 30 day Bible study. I was at a really low point in my life. The daily readings and prayers have really helped me.

Not God’s Plan

How do you get people to buy an app to get them closer to the lord just to spit back in their face that if they don’t have money they can’t study the Bible?? What about college students who are in debt but trying to reach for the lord’s guidance and turn to the app? I guess the developers don’t really care about really helping people get closer to the LORD. All they want is your money and many people don’t have 80-300$ to spend on an app

While the concept is good get out your wallet

Very disappointed! You are expected to go bankrupt while learning the Bible. I am looking for a good app to help me understand the Bible more, learn about God and do daily devotions. Upon finding this app it said free, in app purchase, I thought ok this should be a good app....until I open it, basically EVERYTHING is in app purchase and EXPENSIVE! First off you should not have to pay to learn the good book but if you must (I understand expenses) then make it so us lower class folks who have families to take care of and every day expenses can afford it. If anyone has any other apps that are affordable and better I would like to check it out. VERY DISAPPOINTED


I was supposed to get two weeks free to see if I like the app but they charged me anyways for a whole year it is so sad that people worship money to the point where they will try to use the word of God to deceive people I sincerely pray for any one that is involved in this app and this deception will come to know Jesus on a personal level

Bible version

Is there any way to change the Bible version of this app? I’m assuming you’re using the King James Version which is a little hard to understand at times.


Than you for this app. Everyday I want to get closer to my Father. I’m no saint and this will help me read and grow daily in my walk with Christ


I absolutely LOVE this app and all it has to offer. The subscriptions are a little pricey, yes, but there are many more free options (devotionals, daily prayers, analysis of scripture, etc.) that are just as good as the paid-for ones. This app has helped me strengthen my connection with God and I am so grateful! I completely and whole-heartedly recommend it!

Why pay for something u can get for free!!!

Why would you pay for something you can get for free it’s called the Bible. the only reason I downloaded this app was for convenience

Excellent App, but one big problem

I want to give this app 5 stars but I only have ONE big problem. There is no variation of what type of Bible you can read from and if it is, then the app isn’t user friendly because I can’t find it. Its difficult to read any type of king James and the text is some form of that. I’m using the free version and that may be why it’s only one way, but even then they could give maybe one more version that’s more of a language of today that we can choose. Other than that, the app is perfect!

Great app could lose the plans you have to pay for

Good plan for doing daily devotional everyday. Only is they start charging a lot of money to do additional plans.


It’s a awesome way to study the Bible, I do recommend it.

I love this app!

Daily spiritual recharge!


I accidentally purchased the one year subscription unknowingly and I tried to get my money back two days after which is when I realized it. I never got my money and I wasted 88 dollars on something that I didn’t even use...


I went to a catholic school and when I left I felt like I was growing farther from my faith. I downloaded this app to stay close to it and I haven't regretted it. You truly learn how bible verses connect directly to your life and how to live your best life according to the lord. I’m so happy I can incorporate this into my daily routine!

Find other sponsors.

Advertisements with young girls wearing revealing clothing...kind of defeats the message. I wouldn’t want to open my bible at church to have these pictures at the bottom of every page I read.




This app is awesome👍👍👌


I will delete this app because of the price that is attached to it. It does not meet the quality for the buck.




Not clear how to use the program. Also it’s expensive.

Why I gave it 1 star

The reason why I gave it a 1 star is because you have to pay money to get the entire app. Why should I pay for something that God already wants me to know.

So very disappointing

This App is very frustrating. Unfortunately, a great idea and something that could make such an impact does not because it is completely focused on money.


I was doing a study but now I have to pay for it. Some of us can’t afford it but want to learn. So I wish you could help those of us who can not afford it.

Learning a lot

I love the way it give you the scriptures and then talks about the scriptures then teaches you how to pray AWESOME

Great app

It gives you a way to get closer to God

False advertisement

You advertise as a free bible study with quiz. NOT!!!

I go along with others

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I downloaded this but the cost is unreasonable. I have tried to discontinue this app and I m still being charged. I have talked to apple and my credit card people, plus sent a letter to stop charging me this fee. hopefully I have got this under control. Nice app but no thank you. Consider my money if it is not straightened out as a gift. Just stop charging me.

Accidentally joined

Accidentally joined this app a few minutes ago. I want it cancelled now please and thank you!

Too expensive

This app is far too expensive and I can’t find a way to cancel. They are taking my money and it’s unfair

To all of the Bible study people

I think you’re Bible study is a great way to unwind at the End of the hard day of stressful work day And makes my day easier thank you for giving me a reason to smile

Daily devotion.

Love this daily devotion. A great way to start my day.

The word is always good!

It’s a good devotional, but there are a TON of distracting ads and pop ups


Yes I echo the other reviews that it’s way too expensive, not to mention the typos, and not just one or two - I see typos almost every day. 8.99 weekly is outrageously high! I’m cancelling😡! Need a good editor!

Not Free!!

There’s not much you can do with this app that is free! Just about anything that you want to do with this app will ask to pay and it’s pretty expensive if u ask me! No this app will only get 1 star from me and that’s only because I could read a daily bible verse!

Joan W.

I’ve been using this app for several months now and it is very inspirational and emboldened. Most of the writings I am so pleased with and given a most peaceful spirit. Thank you

Its nice for now

I hope other get this app

Awesome app

Excellent tool to be in the Word daily


I love this app. It is so easy to learn the word of GOD and easy to use. Thanks for making it. I suggest everyone give it a try.

Keeps your heart ,mind and eyes on him!.

This app is so very very good because it comes straight from scripture. Go’s into your heart and mind. Bit by bit while teaching you. The glory is his

I love this app🙌🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾

Thank God for Jesus

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